Norm Macdonald: Every Comedian’s Favourite Comedian

Norm Macdonald Is Remembered By Comedians Around The World

Word broke yesterday around 3pm that beloved Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald had passed away after privately dealing with cancer for the past 9 years, at the age of 61. The news came as a complete shock to the world as Norm had never disclosed this information to the public, or even most friends. The outpour from the comedic, and entertainment world has been incredible.

“I’m pretty sure, I’m not a doctor — but I’m pretty sure if you die, the cancer dies at the same time. That’s not a loss. That’s a draw.”

– Norm Macdonald

Norm was known for many things, Saturday Night Live, various movie roles, and his one-of-a-kind appearances on late night tv.

That was one of my favourite appearances by Norm and such a beautifully worded wonderful ridiculous Norm Macdonald joke.

I found a video of Norm breaking down his thoughts on cancer as well which he of course has you laughing throughout.

The amount of Norm content on the interview is endless and any that you stumble upon will show you just how much a genius he was. He was every comedians favourite comedian.

And if you’ve come down this far you owe it to yourself to hear this story about Norm. It’s a story about Norm performing at a Family Night in Iowa. And Norm Macdonald did a set that wasn’t catered to that audience, but he didn’t care.

Norm recently had a netflix series as well that came out in 2018, Norm Macdonald Has a Show.