#NOGOODWAY for Special Olympics


Today has been selected by Motionball for the Special Olympics as the day to spread the word through social media and various other forms of media avenues as a day to raise awareness that the R-word (retard) is not an acceptable way to describe the athletes who participate in the Special Olympics.  I couldn’t even believe that this was an issue in this day and age, but apparently, according to Motionball,  the term retard has been tweeted out 1,428,205 times since the beginning of 2018 alone.

Their aim is to spread the message that the terms is hurtful to the athletes, brings back memories of being bullied and makes them feel like they aren’t welcome.

Motionball for the Special Olympics is asking you to tweet your support with the #NOGOODWAY DAY or share through Facebook and Instagram.  For more on how you can share the message click here.


We’re helping stop bullying online and off. Join us, share Madison's story and let Canada know there’s #NOGOODWAY to use the R-word!

Posted by motionball #nogoodway on Wednesday, March 1, 2017