No Pay This Week For Goodwill Workers

Future remains uncertain

Friday would have been payday for workers at Goodwill , but with the closure of several stores this week – including those in Barrie and Orillia – it won’t be. CEO Keiko Nakamura said in a statement, “despite our best efforts, employees will not be paid on Friday as part of the regular pay cycle. However, Goodwill will be in a position to update all employees about the date of payroll deposits and the issuance of records of employments on Monday January 25, 2016.”


Meantime, The Canadian Airport Workers Union, representing the 450 workers affected by the closures, has been in discussions with new investors who are interested in taking over operations. The union has put the investors in contact with Goodwill and has encouraged Goodwill to seriously consider relinquishing control to the new investors. Retail workers, drivers, and cashiers showed up for work at 26 different Goodwill stores and distribution centres across the province this past weekend to find notices of store closures taped to the doors. The union is also appealing to all government and community stakeholders to find a solution to the present crisis faced by all workers. In a letter to Premier Wynne’s office asking her to immediately intervene, CAWU Vice-President Artan Milaj said Goodwill has “become an institution and much needed resource in our communities.”