No Ice Is Safe Ice, Even In Extreme Cold

South Simcoe Police Offering Safety Tips

Despite the frigid temperatures of late, the South Simcoe Police are still warning those who would go out onto Lake Simcoe:

Winter has  arrived, and it seems that the colder temperatures we’ve had this month may finally lead to some winter sports activities. South Simcoe Police urge sportsmen to use caution, as the ice thickness on area waterways, including Lake Simcoe, is not yet at a safe level. Check with local hut operators before taking your fishing hut out on the ice. They are the local experts and know the lake best. Often, ice can thin rapidly, and there are still large areas of open water. The weather remains unpredictable, and warmer temperatures will slow the formation of new ice. If you are out on foot, make sure you have clear hard ice beneath you before setting up. Take a cell phone with you in case of emergency. Use caution operating snowmobiles on the lake, and always wear a flotation device when sledding over lakes and rivers. If sledding on trails, have your OFSC permit attached to your machine, and only use open trails. Groomers are currently out preparing the trails for use. Remind your children to stay away from creeks, rivers and ditches. Police and Fire Services have personnel and equipment trained and prepared for ice rescue.