Nintendo Launching Miniature Super Nintendo

One Of The All Time Great Consoles Getting The Mini Treatment

If you’re mad that you didn’t grab an NES before they were discontinued, have no fear — Nintendo will now be introducing a mini SNES, otherwise known as Super Nintendo.

The company revealed that it will be releasing SNES mini by Christmas 2017, hence the reason NES is no longer available. Apparently, the NES mini was meant to be a one-time thing for Christmas 2016, and Nintendo never expected the mini gaming console to be so popular. It’s now sold out and still in demand, though Nintendo doesn’t plan on continuing production.

So, will the SNES mini be a one-time novelty as well? If it is, hopefully this time around the company makes enough to meet demand, considering the fact that a mini SNES is bound to spark more popularity than the NES model.

What classic Super Nintendo titles are you hoping come with the mini console at launch time?

Feature photo courtesy Facebook.