NHL All-Star Jerseys Have Arrived – Yay or Nay?

Take a look at the NHL All-Star Jerseys for 2020

The NHL all star weekend is fast approaching, I’ve never really cared for the weekend, only thing that matters to me is that it signifies half of the season is over. It also means the trade deadline is around the corner and therefore my Red Wings could do something important….

HOWEVER, The NHL is always trying to jazz up the game and the weekend because it truly is for the fans, and in the past they have done All Star Jerseys, that to me, just never cut it. I think I would never buy an All Star Jersey over just a regular jersey for my team, of course if money was no object…well than I still wouldn’t.

Now I do think these jerseys are cool, but it always surprises me that anyone would actually buy one. To me, the fan that buys an all star jersey is one of those rent-a-fan, bandwagon hoppers that cheers for PlAyErS aNd NoT tEaMs…

That being said, take a look below. Are you a fan of these? But would you spend the big bucks for one?