New Queen Film Coming Together

Bohemian Rhapsody set for release this Fall

If you are a fan of the band Queen, no doubt you’ll be looking forward to the Freddy Mercury biopic BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY set for release later this fall.  The film has been beset with production problems including the originally cast Sasha Baron Cohen who subsequently quit the project, to trying to figure out how to reproduce the quality of Freddy’s vocals with replacement actor Rami Malek.

Related image     Even though there were some troubled times during the production of the film, the results in the trailer for the movie below suggest the re-creation of Freddy’s life may be pretty amazing both in looks and sound.  Critics however point out the fact that it looks like the film ignores Freddy’s sexuality, but for music fans who want to step back in time to re-visit one of the great musical talents of our time, and how things unfolded in the band’s early years, it should be time well spent especially if they crank up that dolgby digital surround sound.  BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY opens November 2nd.