New Music Teases Upcoming Foo Movie “Studio 666”

The fate of Dream Widow seems very familiar.

The Foo Fighters movie Studio 666 is coming to theatres on February 25th and we got a thrash metal track to give us an idea of what to expect from the upcoming horror film.

March of the Insane is a track that belongs to Dream Widow, a band that died at the hands of their possessed singer. Sound familiar? (No? Check out the trailer below.)

In a Howard Stern interview, Dave elaborated that this demo tape is found in the basement of the mansion where the Foo Fighters decided to record their 10th studio album and could seem like a key plot point in the movie. Dave is also hopeful that we will actually get a full Dream Widow album the same day as the movie release.

In the meantime, enjoy this thrash metal glory.

 Here’s the full trailer to refresh your memory on the upcoming film.