New MLB Rules Include Mandatory Coronavirus Tests and No Spitting

No mascots either...sorry Gritty

Major League Baseball will look slightly different for the foreseeable future. In the 67-page-amendment to the current rules showers at ballparks are discouraged and players are encouraged to arrive to the game already wearing their uniforms.

No mascots will be allowed on the field, and players will no longer allowed to fist-bump or high-five. Players will no longer be allowed to use saunas, steam rooms, pools and cryotherapy chambers.

Pitchers who are warming up are to wear masks at all times, and dugout telephones should be disinfected after each use. Players and coaches can’t touch their faces to give signs and are prohibited from licking their fingers.

Seats in the empty stadium are to be used for players to help maintain social distancing in the dugout and first and third base coaches are not allowed to approach baserunners or umpires between pitches.

Balls will be thrown out after being touched by multiple players, and throwing the ball around the infield will be discouraged.

Check out the full list of rules here.

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