New Fare Structure Begins Today On Barrie Transit

Some fares rise; some passes discontinued

Some adjustments in Barre Transit fares as we begin the the new month. These changes designed to simplify and standardize the fare structure.

Simplified Ride Cards
Barrie Transit will sell a 6-Ride and 10-Ride Card. The 2-Ride and 5-Ride Card will no longer be sold. Previously purchased 2-Ride and 5-Ride Cards will still be accepted after March 1.

Seniors and Children save more with Ride Cards
While the senior cash fare is increasing from $2.60 to $3, the Senior/Child Ride Card price is decreasing. Seniors (65+) and children (6-12) will save 20 cents per ride when purchasing the new 6 or 10-Ride Card (currently Senior/Child Ride Cards equate to $2.30 per ride; as of March 1 the cost per ride will decrease to $2.10). A child cash fare remains the same at $3.00. Children 5 years of age and under still ride Barrie Transit for free.

Replacement of Family Ride Program with Family Day Pass
Barrie Transit will no longer offer the Family Ride Program. Instead, Barrie Transit will introduce a Family Day Pass for $9. This pass will be valid for a group of four (maximum of two adults, seniors or students).

Individual Day Pass Pilot Program
A new $7.50 day pass will provide riders with unlimited travel throughout Barrie. The program will be reviewed in the 2017 Business Plan.

High School Power Pass and Elementary School Children Pass will be discontinued
Barrie Transit sells very few of these passes and riders have indicated that these special passes were not meeting their needs.

Price increase for Monthly Passes
Monthly Passes
Current Fees
NEW Fees as of March 1, 2016
Adults 19-64
Students (full time studies at an accredited college/institution/with Valid ID)
Children 6-12
Seniors 65+ (with Valid ID)
Georgian College 4 month semester pass (with Valid ID)