New $10 Bill Celebrates Canada’s 150th

Code unlocks secret on the Bank of Canada's new $10 bill

The Bank of Canada has unveiled a new $10 bill to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday.  This special new bank note will showcase our history as a nation, our land and our culture.  It’s intended to captivate our imagination and instill pride in what we have accomplished as a nation.

To get a look at what the new bill will look like, the Bank of Canada has placed an Easter egg on its website promoting the new $10 bill but as shown above.  To unlock the feature,  you’ll need to know a special “code” to have it display something cool.  Once you get the code correct, the National Anthem will play and the screen will fill with a shower of tiny little animated banknotes.

Our hackers tell us the code to use is the Konami “cheat” code that was installed into some of the Konami games we played as kids.  We don’t know if this was the right code, but it works.  To save you having to research what the Konami code is, try this:  up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

To access the website and get a 360 degree view of the new bill and to enter the code, click here.  The only thing that would make this promotion more fun was that when you cracked the code, your bank account would just suddenly fill up with the new bank notes.  Maybe they could try that one for the new $100’s.