National Drowning Prevention Week

July 16-22

The Lifesaving Society marks the third week of July as National Drowning Prevention Week.  Every summer, approximately 188 Ontario  people die in preventable water-related incidents.

Our Central Ontario area enjoys such amazing water-related activities.  People travel from all over to come and enjoy our lakes, rivers and waterways.  Sadly every year as well, many people will lose their lives by just wanting to have some fun out on the water.

Drowning can occur very suddenly and unexpectedly and happens in most cases as a result of not giving water the safety respect it deserves.  Alcohol consumption is a factor in 40% of boating related fatalities.  Also, not wearing a life-jacket was a factor in 88% of  boating related deaths.

The Lifesaving Society wants to remind us this week and every week to be Water-Smart.  Always swim with a buddy, adhere to boating safety rules and recommendations.  Wear your PFD and learn to swim to survive.   Have a safe and happy summer on the water!

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