Mt. Everest Not Highest Peak In The World?

Depends on where you measure from

So, maybe Mount Everest isn’t the highest mountain in the world.  It is if you measure from the ground up, but if you measure from the centre of the earth than Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is the highest. Why? Because the earth is not perfectly round. It kind of bulges in the middle, stretching out further at the equator, which is where you find Ecuador. Everest is in Nepal, a third of the way to the north pole. The summit of Chimborazo rises about 20,500 feet above sea level, far short of Everest’s renowned 29,029 feet. But when you measure from the centre of Earth, Chimborazo’s apex rises the farthest, at about 21 million feet or 3,967 miles, while Everest’s doesn’t even crack the top 20.