Motörhead Crew Honour Lemmy With Ash Tattoos

Long time members of the bands crew get art with their little piece of Lemmy.

When Lemmy passed away in December 2015, those closest to him recieved a small gift from Lemmy’s family; the famous bullets with Lemmy’s ashes inside. Many famous rockers and those who worked with Motörhead have come out in interviews to share that their little piece of Lemmy is still with them. The tour manager for the band, Eddie Rocha, and their production assistant Emma Cederblad shared recently what they did with their little part of Lemmy’s ashes. They both got a tattoo in honour of Lemmy, using some of his ashes in the ink.

Putting ashes in tattoo’s is an homage to loved one that is still just starting to become more popular, and this is for sure going to push the trend on.



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