Motorcycle Ends Up In The Drink

Police Want to Speak To Whomever Left It There

Police are looking for a motorcyclist who might not be very good at it. Around 6:30 last night, a resident near the Holland Canal went to investigate the strong odour of gasoline outside his place, and found a motorcycle partially submerged in the canal. The lights were still on, and some wet footprints were spotted nearby while a nearby resident spotted someone cutting through their yard. Officers want to speak to this driver, described as:

  • male
  • white
  • short greyish hair
  • about 60 years of age
  • wearing a short black jacket with a large red circle emblem on the back and dark grey jogging pants..

Anyone with information is asked to call Constable Jay Saville at 905-775-3311, extension 1472, or by e-mail at