Most Barrie Residents Satisfied With City Hall

Citizen Satisfaction Survey Shows Majority Happy With City Programs and Services

By and large, we’re all happy with the City of Barrie. A presentation at Barrie City Hall on Monday evening showed off the results of a recent Community Satisfaction Survey, and it indicates just over seven in ten residents are at least moderately satisfied with the programs and services offered by the city. Forum Research Inc. gave the presentation, after polling city residents at random in mid-October, and say over 65 per cent of those asked were favourable towards quality of life in the city, and with the local government. The survey indicates the top priority for Barrie-ites is traffic congestion, followed by road conditions and job creation. Some of us, about 49 per cent, aren’t happy with the value we’re getting for our tax dollars however, with about a third of those saying taxes in general are too high. Interesting to note, 74% of Barrie residents turn to the radio to get local information.