Moscow’s Real-Life Batman

His motto is "Redivivus et ultor", which roughly translates to "Revenge and Avenge".

He calls himself Reaper and claims to have taken down at least 40 criminals so far.

He recently wrote a letter to the Moscow police introducing himself. In the letter, published by Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, he explains that he’s been fighting crime for the past six months. Like Batman, Reaper promises not to kill or cripple and wants to work with police, but says he feels corruption is preventing them from doing a proper job on their own.

His last sighting was in June. Someone saw him walking into a known drug house. Witnesses say they heard screams, crashes, and bangs. They caught him on video exiting the house, lighting a flare on the front steps, and disappearing into the darkness. When police arrived, they found two pretty beat up looking suspected drug dealers.

Reaper even has a twitter account set up as a tip line.

(cover photo via BagoGames on Flickr)