Morrissey Is At At Again, This Time He Says “Vegans Are Actually Superior Beings”

"I only eat bread, potatoes, pasta and nuts"

Morrissey has a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth, but the former Smiths frontman’s latest venture to quote city is likely to only rile up fans of meat and/or a balanced diet. In an interview with Tremr, Morrissey revealed his bizarre diet, which consists of just bread, potatoes, pasta and nuts.

While Morrissey refuses to classify himself as a vegan or vegetarian, he did say “The truth is, vegans are actually superior beings.” The 59-year-old singer-songwriter elaborated on his seemingly fun-free approach to food consumption. “I’m just me. I refuse to eat anything that had a mother, that’s obvious. I’ve always found food to be very difficult because I only eat bread, potatoes, pasta and nuts… all stodge. I can’t eat anything that has any flavour. I’ve never had a curry, or coffee, or garlic.”

So how does Morrissey handle his strict dietary limitations when dining out? It’s all about the kid’s menu.

“I’m absolutely hopeless when I’m handed a menu in a restaurant,” Morrissey said. “I go directly to the kiddie’s meals. If I find baked beans then the night is a huge success. If you ever bring me out to dinner it’s important that you also bring a toaster.”