Mom Gets Engaged At Daughters Wedding

A viral proposal has started the debate on whether it's okay to get engaged at someone else's wedding.

Mother/Daughter Bond

Tik Tok user Chloe Robinson had her big day over the weekend. She got married!

She decided to share the big day with her Mom, faking out the bouquet toss, and simply handing it over.

Her Mom’s partner then knelt on one knee and proposed! Chloe captioned her Tik Tok post with “Dear Mum, it’s your time now…”

Yay or Nay?

Clearly, the daughter participated in the big ask, so she was more than okay with it.

But online, it’s started a debate about whether it’s poor form to propose to someone…at another wedding, in general.

We can all agree, that step one is getting the bride & groom’s permission to steal a wee bit of their spotlight right?