Mom Calls 911 Because She needs Baby Formula…Cops Deliver

"She did the right thing"

There are always people who take advantage of 911. Quite a few instances have happened right here in Ontario when people have been disturbed by the Amber Alert notifications, and others have called to complain about their favourite fried chicken joint running out of chicken.

One woman in Utah called 911 because she ran out of breast milk while feeding her six-week-old daughter in the middle of the night. Her husband was out of town and she had four other young children sleeping at home, one of whom had a cast on. She tried all the neighbors who didn’t answer, before dialing the emergency number.

The police responded to the call, but the only instructions they were given was “bring milk”. They ended up bringing a jug of cow’s milk initially but went out to grab formula once they learned the baby was six-weeks-old. They also wouldn’t let the mother pay for the milk or formula saying she did the right thing.