Metallica and Tool Using COVID Sniffing Dogs on Tour

They can apparently tell the difference between COVID and seasonal flus and colds

Touring has been very rough for the past few years because of the pandemic and Metallica and Tool are not taking any chances when it comes to live shows.

They’re using canines to help detect the virus in groups of people. The company they’ve hired has dogs who specialize in detecting viruses, bacteria and fungus. The dogs they’re using are specifically trained for COVID-19 and the various strains. They can apparently distinguish between COVID-19 and seasonal flus and colds.

Apparently the way it works is people are asked to wear a facemask for 10 minutes  before the test so the dogs receive a more concentrated sample. Then the stand with the mask in their hand as the dog walks by. If the dog sits down, they’ve found something.


[via Loudwire]
(cover photo  via Scott Akerman Flickr)