Metal Detectors Requested For WayPoint Centre

Union cites safety issues

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union wants walk-through metal detectors installed on every ward at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishene. It says it would help improve safety at the facility, perhaps save lives. The union claims patients have access to ordinary items that can be used as weapons. “We’ve seen patients take apart their rooms and use building materials like corner bead and even towel racks to make all kinds of weapons,” said OPSEU Local 329 President Pete Sheehan. “Another patient was able to take a screwdriver from the vocational services program area, bring it back on to the ward and use it to stab one of our workers. If we had a metal detector on the ward, that worker would not have been subjected to such a horrific attack.” Waypoint officials says it has been working with the union and Ministry of Labour on safety issues.

photoAviationcode via Flickr