Meet The Guys Who Met The Beatles By Sneaking Backstage

They impersonated the opening act.

50 years ago, in August of 1966, a group of six teenagers managed to not only see the Beatles in concert for free but they got to go backstage and meet them!

These guys pretended to be the opening act, The Cyrkle. They had costumes, a rented limo, decoy groupies, and even police escorts. They seemed legit so security let them in!

Once they were in, this is how the guys recounted how it all went done:

Ringo sort of noticed us and said hi. We introduced ourselves for real at that point and said how we’d gotten in. Ringo thought it was funny that we would do that. He called John over and said, “Listen to this story,” and John had some cheeky response like, “So you wanted to meet us, now you’ve met us.” But Paul was saying, “Hey, George, have a listen to this,” and he played a few bars of what I now realize was the beginning of “Lovely Rita.”

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Have you ever tried to sneak backstage at a concert to meet the band? 

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