Meat Loaf Shutting Down Toronto Street for Free Concert

It's Happening Monday night!

If Yonge Street is part of your commute out of Toronto you might want to find another route to take on Monday, or just stay for the free concert downtown courtesy of Meat Loaf.

His musical Bat Out of Hell is coming to Toronto and he wants everyone to know it.

The party starts on Monday May 15th at 7 p.m. with a parade of Harley Davidsons riding up Yonge Street to a stage in the middle of the street. Cast members from the Manchester production will be performing four songs from the show and Meat Loaf himself will be there to introduce them and talk about his role in making the musical a reality.

Bat Out of Hell starts at the Ed Mirvish Theatre on October 17th. Tickets go on sale May 24th.

(cover photo via Christie D. Mallon flickr)