May the Fourth Be With You!

Celebrate The Unofficially-Offical Star Wars Day

What started out as a funny play on words has turned into a full-fledged Star Wars holiday.

Every May the 4th, even the most casual Star Wars fans delight in sharing their passion for the beloved movie franchise.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate this monumental occasion. is has a wealth of fun ideas to help you – seriously, I don’t know who has time to come up with all of the Star Wars themed content, but good on them. To save you some time, here are a few of our favourites.

Have A Movie Marathon

The more hard core fans can start with The Phantom Menace and work through. Less invested? Perhaps a mini-marathon of Rogue One and A New Hope is for you. The good news is, you have a ton of options.

Dress Up

You can go full Storm Trooper if that’s for you, or keep it simple and rock your favourite Star Wars t-shirt. Dress up your kids, dress up your pets. Everyone can get it on the action!

Eat A Star Wars Themed Meal

There is no end to the fun you can have with Star Wars food puns. Throw some “Hoth Dogs” on the BBQ, pour your self some “Yoda Soda” or “Luke Sky-Water” and have a good time! Pro-tip: put a (clean) Han Solo toy in some jello. Let cool. BOOM – Carbonite for dessert. Click here to get lost in pages and pages of Star Wars recipes.

Get A Star Wars Tattoo

Extreme? Yes. But if you really love Star Wars you know that you either do, or do not, there is not try.