Marineland Charged With 6 New Counts Of Animal Cruelty

Marineland now faces 11 counts of animal cruelty charges

The OSPCA has laid six new animal cruelty charges against Marineland.

The  charges relate to elk, red deer and fallow deer kept at the tourist attraction in Niagara Falls, Ont. Deputy chief Jennifer Bluhm says they have laid one count each of permitting elk, red deer and fallow deer to be in distress. They have also laid one count each of failing to provide the standards of care for elk, red deer and fallow deer.

Marineland was charged with five counts of animal cruelty in late November that related to the treatment of peacocks, guinea hens and black bears.

The OSPCA said the previous charges stemmed from a complaint of alleged animal cruelty. Marineland claims they came from an employee who was fired for poor performance and inappropriate behaviour.

 “The investigation has continued since Nov. 10,” Bluhm said. “It was apparent there were additional charges that were appropriate. While the investigation is still ongoing, these are all the charges we expect to be laid in this case.”

Marineland is expected to appear in court on Jan. 26 to face 11 counts of animal cruelty charges.

A conviction on all counts could result in a fine up to $60,000, a lifetime ban on owning animals and up to two years in jail, according to the OSPCA.