McCully Is Going Mad, And YOU Can Push Him!

31 days straight. Exercising & eating clean every day. No days off & no cheat […]

31 days straight. Exercising & eating clean every day. No days off & no cheat meals.

Sure, it’s a good way to kick-start getting healthier & in better shape, BUT the exercise is in YOUR hands. Have you ever wanted to have control or power over someone? Only, it’s for a good cause so you don’t have to feel guilty? This is your chance.

Every year, I choose different charities in our area that benefit youth, and pledge to do ANY physical activity, fitness challenge, workout, or embarrassing movement, with each donation to the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie and My Friend’s House shelter in Collingwood.

It’s simple. Make a donation, then you get to dictate one of the crazy things I do for all 31 days in March. The sky is the limit…your imagination is all you need. (It just can’t be illegal, put me in legitimate danger, and actually be physically possible/within reason of the donation) Things I’ve had to do in the past include running on a treadmill in high heels, putting on firefighter gear to train with real firefighters, flipping and rolling a 300 .lb tire, jumping in ice-cold Georgian Bay, & even doing a circuit of workouts at a brewery involving kegs!

What will YOU make me do? Give to help local families, get to MAKE ME DO SOMETHING HARD! Of course, I record videos of each challenge to make sure everyone sees me sweat & that the challenges get done…and to help promote what you might want plugged when you donate ;). It’s a win-win….win!

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