‘Loonie’ Canadian Laws You Might Be Tempted To Break

These are actual, government regulated laws.

Have you heard about the “Apology Act”?   It’s a real law and it’s just about the most Canadian law on record.  It states that an apology is not an admission of guilt or fault, but yet an expression of sympathy or regret. I never would have guessed such a thing was true, so I started researching other unique laws.  From hunting Sasquatch to singing in public, these are some of the weirdest Canadian laws that actually exist today.

In Port Coquitlam, it’s illegal to own more than 4 pet rats at a time.


This is a simple method of pest control. Alberta takes this one step further, where ALL rats are considered pests and thus banned from the province. They consider rats (specifically Norwegian), “the most destructive creatures known to man.”


In Alberta, it’s illegal to light a man’s wooden leg on fire.

You probably need to get new friends if they’re apt to lighting your limb replacements on fire.

If you happen to run into him, keep in mind it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch in British Columbia

Canadians are so polite their laws protect mythical creatures.  There is even talk of Manitoba adding a law to protect Big Foot.  If you happen upon either, it’s best to shoot them.  Photos that is.

It is illegal to swear in a public park in Toronto, Ontario.  ****! 

You may want to keep the language PG when strolling around Toronto’s public parks. If you run into an irritated by-law officer, they could slap you with a $200 fine.

Better look down.  It’s illegal to walk Main Street in Fort Qu’Apelle, Saskatchewan with untied laces. 

They take the safety of their citizens VERY seriously.

Don’t attach a siren to your bike in Sudbury, Ontario, because that is against the law.


Bells and horns are permitted; however, if you take safety to the next step by attaching a siren to your bike, you could be slapped with…

Wait for it.

A FIVE THOUSAND dollar fine.

A little town named Petrolia, located in Ontario, has made it illegal to yell, shout, hoot, whistle, or sing at all times.

But can you play music?

Kanata, Ontario, won’t let you paint your garage doors purple.


What do they have against the colour purple, huh?  HUH!?

Ottawa has made it illegal to ride your bike without your feet on the pedals.


Safety first, kids.

You cannot eat ice cream on Bank Street, in Ottawa (but only on Sundays).


Does this apply to all frozen treats or are we just pointing fingers at dairy?

It is illegal to impersonate a foreigner in Quebec.


Well, so much for my weekend plans.

Last one! In Fredericton, New Brunswick, you cannot wear a snake in public.


It pains me to think about what incited this law.


There you have it.  When you’re traveling across Canada, remember to stay away from certain things – like the colour purple.  Do not harm Sasquatch, don’t use a python as a fashion statement, and for Pete’s sake, don’t use another person’s wooden leg as kindling for your fire.