*Listen* Weezer Shares New Song From Upcoming Album

Listen To 'Hero' Below

Weezer shared their second song from their upcoming album Van Weezer. The new track is the follow to last year’s release, ‘End of The Game.’ The new track delivers the same Weezer sound and goes by the name ‘Hero.’
Their album was slated to be released on May 15th, however it has been pushed back indefinitely, which comes as a surprise to me. It feels as if content now is consumed at an incredible rate and many shows that decided to release new episodes or seasons have had great success. People want things to watch/listen to now more than ever. Once the pandemic is over will there be a catalogue of content that drops? So much so that you could get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully Weezer reconsiders dropping their new album. The pandemic isn’t going to stop the summer from coming and the chance to be an anthem of sorts is something every band attempts to have for the summer season.

Have a listen to their new track below, which features fans social distancing.