*Listen* Red Hot Chili Peppers Tease Something Is Coming

Damn that sounds good

When a band teases us with a little clip its pretty obvious new music is on the way. It’s been an eventful few years for RHCP as last we really saw them was performing at the Pyramids in 2019. They were beginning to work on a new album in January of 2020, their first with John Frusciante who rejoined the band in December of 2019, after 13 years. Covid pushed back some festivals there were to play in 2020 and derailed there plans for a new album, until now. Rick Rubin is back producing the new album for the guys which we found out was officially underway in August 2021.

If you’re a Chili Peppers fan this 18 second clip is all you need to hear to know they are back, and yeah it’s okay to listen to it on a loop.