LISTEN: Former Boxer Fights Bear and Lives to Tell the Tale

His co-workers nick-named him "Kung-Fu Panda"

And the title of Manliest Man goes to….

…61-year-old Rick Nelson. He was walking his dog through the bush outside Sudbury, Ontario over the weekend when they stumbled across a bear cub. Bear sightings are fairly common in Sudbury, although attacks are very rare. Luckily, Rick knew what to do when the cub cried out for it’s mom.

Within seconds of the baby’s cry, the 300-lb momma bear came barrelling right at him, but before she could attack, Rick got the first punch in. A right-handed jab that narrowly grazed her teeth. She retaliated with a swat to his chest leaving a nasty gash.

Rick, not being one to back away from a fight, had one more in him. An uppercut, which connected with the bear’s snout. That did the trick. She immediately dropped down on all fours and backed away into the bush with her cub, a bloody nose, and her pride.

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