Listen: Coldplay drops new track ‘Orphans’, ‘Arabesque’, officially announce new double album ‘Everyday Life’


After teasing the record with newspaper ads and letters to fans, Coldplay have officially announced their forthcoming double album “Everyday Life,” which drops on November 22nd. As part of the album, they’ve dropped two new singles, “Orphans” and “Arabesque.”

“Orphans” is an energetic, upbeat track that comes packed with anthemic melodies, booming guitar lines, and dynamic vocals as frontman Chris Martin sings lines like “She say/ I want to know when I can go/ Back and get drunk with my friends/ I want to know when I can go/ Back and be young again.” “Arabesque,” on the other hand, has more of a stomping beat, with an acoustig guitar line, and gritty instrumentals. Martin’s vocals are deeper and crooning on this darker sounding tune.

The forthcoming 53-minute record will be split into two sections called Sunrise and Sunset.

Listen to “Orphans” and “Arabesque” and check out the tracklist for Everyday Life below.

Everyday Life Tracklist:


01 – “Sunrise”
02 – “Church”
03 – “Trouble In Town”
04 – “BrokEn”
05 – “Daddy”
06 – “WOTW / POTP”
07 – “Arabesque”
08 – “When I Need A Friend”


09 – “Guns”
10 – “Orphans”
11 – “Èkó”
12 – “Cry Cry Cry”
13 – “Old Friends”
14 – “بنی آدم”
15 – “Champion Of The World”
16 – “Everyday Life”