Letterkenny: Rapid Fire Questions

Get to know your favourite Letterkenny cast members


As you can probably tell – by the fact that you’re reading yet another blog post on this fine website – I have not become a wildly famous, over-night success on the hit show Letterkenny.
Mission status: On-going.

But, no hard feelings. I’m sure there are a million-bajillion people more deserving of the part.

And even though every single person (except for Tyler Johnston who plays Stewart) ignored my efforts… I still love the show.

And the cast. Especially after watching these “Behind the Scenes: Rapid Fire Questions” videos.

My favorite bit happens in Part 3 at the 3:23 mark when Dan Petronijevic (McMurray on the show) seamlessly and flawlessly flows between Irish, Scottish, British, Australian and South African accents. Brilliant.