Let’s Talk Day

Helping to end the stigma

There’s no question the various forms of mental illness still to this day have a stigma attached to them.  If you are suffering from it, you may not want to let people know, so you try to deal with it yourself.  On the other hand, If you know someone who is struggling with mental illness, you may not know what to do to help them or where you can turn for help.  This is comparable to having a broken arm, but trying to not let people notice and hoping it will just get better on it’s own.

Bell’s, Let’s Talk Day has been a great way to open discussion on the topic, help create awareness and to also improve where people can turn for help.  Already, since it started in 2010, Let’s Talk Day has made significant strides in helping to improve awareness and services for mental health issues. As of today, over $100 million dollars has been raised to help the cause.  The Federal Government is also starting to recognize the need for additional services and support in this area as well.

One in five people will deal with some type of mental illness during their lifetime.  There’s lots of ways you can help.  You can educate yourself to help break down the stigma, you can fund raise for the cause, you can volunteer and support the efforts associated with mental health and well being year round.  Rather than just on one day, Let’s Talk needs to happen every day.