Lest We Forget

Services Today at 11am


Not many of us could even imagine what War Veterans have seen, heard, or have even done throughout the course  their lives, but Canadian Armed Forces personnel are a special kind of hero and a special breed of person that is called on to put their lives on the line to protect others.

When the call comes from their Government, Canadian Forces members spring directly intoforces action.  Whether it’s on peacekeeping or special forces training missions around the world, helping survivors of natural disasters in various parts of the world, conducting search and rescue missions here at home, or being on alert for a combat mission that could come at any time, the Canadian Forces are continually training and in a ready-state for any emergency that might arise.

While today we remember the members who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving their Country past and present,  we are also thankful everyday for all of the men and women that are prepared to stand up for our values around the world and who are ready to put their lives at risk in a moments notice to keep us safe.

Thank You.