LCBO Staff Vote 93% In Favour Of A Strike

Union Bargaining For New Collective Agreement

Members of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario staff have voted 93 per cent in favour of striking, as their union representatives fight to negotiate new terms for their collective agreement.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union held a vote for their members on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The vote was called in March after what the union called a “complete lack of respect for workers.”

The head of the OPSEU bargaining team, Denise Davis said it’s now back to the negotiating table now that they have a strong mandate from their workers. The OPSEU represents 7,500 LCBO staff members who’s contract recently expired as on March 31st.

(Photo by LCBO via Flickr)

“The people of Ontario built the LCBO, paid for the LCBO, and own the LCBO. says OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “We’re not about to let the Wynne government destroy it through this piecemeal privatization.”

This reaction comes after the Ontario government introduced beer and wine into grocery stores, to which the union describes as “creeping privatization.”