Kempenfelt Crew Support Women’s & Children’s Shelter

1812 FC Supporter Group Lending a Community Hand

Kempenfelt Crew, the support group of Barrie’s new professional soccer team 1812 FC are reaching out to the community to help support the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie through the Christmas season and over the winter months during the pandemic.

The Crew have rallied together and have made an offering of selling 3 signed Julian De Guzman toques and 11 signed photos.  Soccer fans will know Julian De Guzman well from his playing days with Toronto FC and as a regular on Canada’s National soccer team and former Canadian Player of the Year.  It was announced this Fall that De Guzman was joining the Barrie 1812 FC franchise as President and Co-Owner.

The Kempenfelt Crew are also looking for the following items to help support the Shelter’s efforts:

•            Gift cards (a great way to empower women to purchase items they need specifically for their family)

•            Housecoats, pajamas, slippers (all sizes)

•            Journals or adult colouring books

•            Manicure set/ makeup kit

•            Teen care kits

•            Baby wash. Kid shampoo, bath toys

•            Kid school supplies (lunch containers, lunch boxes)

•            Lego, playdoh, craft or science kits

•            Grade School age (board games, Lego, jewellery, movies)

If you are able to help support the group with a donation, or to find out more information on how you can help, contact the Kempenfelt Crew’s Supporter’s Trust Director Ronan Cordelle at