Keeping The Faith – A Journey

by Kayla McBride, St. Dominic's Catholic S.S.

The journey of faith is unique to each person. Nobody can be at the same place on the path, as we all have different journeys. When we enter St. Dominic’s Catholic Secondary School we are all at different places on our faith journey, and we don’t judge others on their journey, as it is unique to them. At St. Dominic’s, we are lucky to have amazing staff available to help us on our faith journey, whether it be a fork in the road, or a rock in the way.

Before Christmas, teacher Mrs.Theriault organized an afternoon dedicated to the journey of faith. After lunch students and staff gathered in the cafeteria in what is usually third period, to further learn about their faith. Reverend John Perdue was the guest speaker, and he spoke about topics that Christians often struggle with. His presentation had three main points – of the three, “faith is free” and “faith is logical” resonated the most. He talked about struggles we may have as young adults when we think of the Catholic church, and showed us that there may be other ways to look at it. We can still be faithful people and be free; we can still be faithful people and be scientific; and we can still be faithful people and be joyous.

After Reverend Perdue’s fantastic presentation students heard from other guest speakers. Father Roy, Father Rick, Senior Advocata Nostra and Mrs.Theriault all shared their faith journeys, including struggles and path changes. In every presentation there was one main theme – faith. Each person heard the call of their faith whether it be priesthood, sisterhood or Lay Religious Order, in this case as a Secular Franciscan.

To continue with the faith adventure, students signed up for different symposiums. Whether it was learning more about yourself through a selfie, meditating, playing games outside or participating in yoga, students were able to further learn about their faith.