Keep In Touch While Getting Back To Nature

Make A Plan And Stick To It

A reminder to hikers and campers that letting others know where and when you are meeting them is important. Police were called in after group of canoeists didn’t make it to their camp site, at Massasauga Provincial Park yesterday. The West Parry Sound OPP Marine Unit along with a search and rescue plane were called in. Early this morning an OPP helicopter located the missing campers. They were under the impression they were not due at their check point until tomorrow. The OPP would like to remind anyone heading out on an outdoor trip to remember some key points:

*Life jackets and safety equipment are required at all times when using a vessel. It is highly recommended that you wear your life jacket at all times.
*Always tell someone where you will be going and when you are expected home.
*File a Float Plan with local authorities such as a Park Warden and follow it.
*Carry a cell phone, first aid kit and a radio.

The solution to a great outdoor activity is planning. Never take your safety for granted, your life may depend on it.