Trews Talk: Getting You Ready For Saturday

John Angus talks to McCully about "Enemy" marking his first time on lead vocals, shaking off the rust to get back on the road, & pizza wars

John Angus MacDonald

It’s been 20 years since the Trews first played the Key to Bala, and things are a bit different as they mark their return this weekend.

John Angus MacDonald joined the afternoon show to discuss a whole bunch of topics in advance of the weekend, including how his son is to thank for the Trews latest single, the first time John Angus has been lead vocals on a track AND the go-to food in our area!

McCully Talks to John Angus MacDonald

Get ready for the Trews return to Bala, a venue they’ve hit up since the very beginning, and are still coming back to, two decades later!

“Enemy” Official Video

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