Would You Let Your Son Wear A ‘Hooters’ Mask?

If you send your kid to school with a mask like that -- you're asking for trouble aren't you?

Off the top yes this story took place in Florida. Now you know.
A fifth grade student who has been wearing his mask to school everyday was brought into the principals office after a few weeks of donning his mask and was asked to remove the current one he had on, because it was ‘offensive.’ The mask in question you can see in the above photo and below video, says ‘Hooters’ all over it, like many other brands. But is this offensive? The restaurant is open to everyone and promotes a family friendly dining experience, regardless if you would take YOUR family there. Now in a time where it’s nice to see people wearing masks and following rules, who is in the wrong here? The father for providing his son the mask and feeling nothing is wrong with it, or the school for banning the mask the child was wearing?