Is It Possible To Make A Guitar Out Of Your Uncle’s Skeleton? Yes it is.

click the video and see how it sounds

Is this the ultimate tribute? Price Midnight wanted to honour his uncle who loved metal and introduced him to music by making the first ever ‘Skelecaster,’ part Fender Telecaster part his uncle Filip…
It sounds crazy because it is crazy but it’s 100 percent true.

Prince Midnight is from the Tampa Bay area and after getting his uncles bones from Greece, where his uncle had passed away in the 90s, Midnight wanted to honour his uncle in a very unique way. Not everyone in his family was on board with the idea right away,including his mother, and he told Huffington Post, “At first, she said it was sacrilegious and the work of the devil ― you know how moms are,” Prince Midnight said. “But I asked her, ‘Uncle Filip was the biggest metal head of anybody. Where would he rather be? In the ground or shredding?’”

The real question is does it actually work? Yes it does and you can have a listen below.