Is A Toaster Responsible for The Warriors Unbeatable Playoff Record?

yes. A Toaster.

We all get a little bit superstitious when our favourite team is in the playoffs. Some of us have lucky underwear, rituals, charms…the list goes on.

Well, someone thinks they’ve figured out how the Golden State Warriors have been unbeatable through the first three rounds of the NBA playoffs.

Klay Thompson signed a toaster.


Before the toaster-signing in March, The Warriors had lost three games in a row. Then, RDollaz produced a toaster for Thompson to sign.

Klay Thompson looks intensely into a toaster.


Klay Thompson signed my toaster

Since he signed this toaster, the Warriors have played 27 games with him in the lineup and won all 27 games. He only sat out for one game, which they lost!

(cover photo via Keith Allison flickr)