Introducing: The Fearless Flyers

Lets feel like we are inside Seinfeld

Seriously though Does anyone else remember waking up feeling like you were inside an episode of Seinfeld? I sure do, I even had some Funk Rock in my collection, some Chilli Peppers, a little Stevie Wonder, sprinkled with the classic George Clinton the collection kept growing. Eventually I wanted to see what the heck was up in the funk music world today.. The answer I got was kind of sad.

There isn’t many labels investing in funk music. So most of these guys have to do it all themselves. Distribution, sourcing CD’s, everything is up to them. But one group did succeed. Vulfpeck is absolutely legendary in its own right, still quite new in comparison to the genre itself they gained HUGE success really quickly and started to bring together other funk artists to create more and more music.

That’s when The Fearless Flyers came out Nate Smith, legendary Virginia artist is on the drums, Joe Dart a part of Vulfpeck slaps on his bass guitar, Cory Wong plays a regular 6 string guitar and Mark Lettieri providing some sweet undertones with his baritone guitar. It doesn’t get better if you want some funk in your life. Check out their discography below, like I said. They are new, so expect more music to come soon!