ICYMI: Innisdale SS Ready For Students Arriving From Barrie CC

Transition expected to be smooth - Principal

The first day of school now just a week away. It’s an anxious time of year for many students, especially so for the former students of Barrie Central Collegiate who have been moved to Barrie North Collegiate and and Innisdale Secondary School this fall. Innisdale Principal Dawn Stephens says they’re doing what they can to ease the transition for those new students, “We have a big carnival that we run in May, we’re going to do one in September, so they can see…what school spirit looks like here, and see what they have to look forward to.” In addition, Innisdale has picked up a few teachers from Central, meaning there will be some familiar faces for the students who made the move. There has been some concern raised about overcrowding as a result, but Stephens says the new students will actually bump the school population back to where it was when she took over as principal eight years ago.

For more on the transition, and what new and returning students can expect, listen to our interview with Innisdale Principal Dawn Stephens…