IKEA is Introducing Snap-Together Furniture

WHY did it take so LONG for them to do this?

There are five phases to shopping at IKEA.

Excitement: When you first step foot in the store and are surrounded by one dollar drinking glasses and the prospect of getting new furniture for relatively cheap.

Accomplishment: When you are walking your new haul out to your car and think about how great your house is going to look with all this new furniture in it.

Frustration: Somewhere in the middle of assembling your new dresser, you realize you’re missing a screw and might have put the drawer together backwards.

Anger: After you’ve had to take apart the chair for the third time because you keep putting the legs on the wrong way and start thinking about how much easier it would have been to go to a regular furniture store.

Pride: You finally finished putting together everything. Despite the fights, sleepless nights, and raw fingers; your living room looks pretty good.

IKEA has finally heard our cries and is rolling out furniture that simply snaps together. No screws. No bolts. No Allen keys!

The new joint is called a wedge dowel which lets you just slot pieces together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle.