I May Visit Toronto After Hearing This

Lets say the Transit voice could be getting a major upgrade

So Vancouver almost had Morgan Free voicing there transit system and then literally within the hour of the announcement, there was a hiccup. Freeman was accused of sexual misconduct. The campaign in conjunction with VISA was put on hold and Vancouver residents took to twitter for suggestions ! 

Ryan Reynolds, Mike Myers, anybody from the Riverdale cast were all suggested but.. then this happened. 

YUP.. Seth offered up his voice for the public transit stunt. Shortly after a world famous councillor from Toronto, known globally as ‘The 6 Dad” and the owner of the “We The Norm” movement. Councillor Norm Kelly, from Ward 40 decided to chime in on the action with this..


Needless to say…. if this goes down, I’ll actually be happy for once to possibly sit in some strangers pee on the TTC.

Also, I think I speak for everyone when I say.. SETH PLEASE DO THIS.


  • Jake