I Decided to Test Human’s Pack Mentality in the Funniest Way

Chins, so many chins

Pack Mentality is described as “The tendency for groups of individuals to act together without planned direction.”

After seeing a concert last Friday and being above the massive crowd, I noticed something pretty cool. The pack mentality of an entire arena of people can just spread from 1 or two people. One guy or girl start’s chanting the bands name, next thing you know the whole crowd is screaming their name in an unbelievable chant!

So I then thought, how can i test this on all my friends in the most ridiculous way possible? Then.. This happened


I sent them this god awful photo and presented myself as the alpha chin

My trick was simple, I captioned this photo saying, “Here’s my best chin, send me yours” In hopes that a ton of my friends would get on board and they did… Pack mentality is real and it exists in humans in 2018.

I’m fairly positive this entire article was a rouse to just show off peoples chins, but regardless….. Enjoy a bunch of my pals, displaying the greatest compilation of chins I’ve seen in a very long time.


Thank you to all my subjects, lets do this again sometime