How to roast the PERFECT Marshmallow

6 easy steps to a legendary mallow.

When it comes to camping, every family has their own traditions – from ghost stories to campfire hot dogs. But there’s one delicious, sticky, ooey, gooey, tradition that everyone adheres to…”The Roasting of the Marshmallow”.

Now, I’m sure you know someone who boasts the ability to prepare the PERFECT mallow…but rarely is it ever seen. 19 times out of 20 that sweet, sweet, cylinder from heaven gets torched to a blackened disaster, still cold and hard on the inside. You might even know someone who’ll dare to say they PREFER it that way. Well, I call BS.

No one LOVES a scorched mallow…tolerate maybe.  Not love.

So how do you roast the perfect, golden, mallow of marsh?

Just follow these 6 steps…and be prepared to wear your newly discovered “legendary” status at all this summer’s hottest campfire-based events.

Now go! And when everyone else is waving their sticks frantically, trying desperately to douse their fiery abomination, you’ll be calm, cool and relaxed…waiting patiently for perfection.