How did CCR become CCR?

John Fogerty quoted saying they wanted, "A weirder name than Buffalo Springfield or Jefferson Airplane"

Brothers John and Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford collectively make up the band Creedence Clearwater Revival. With none of the band members names even remotely resembling the name of the band, where did CCR come from?

Let’s break it down…


This come from a friend of Tom Fogarty’s named Credence Newbal. The band then changed the spelling from Credence to Creedence to represent the word ‘Creed’.


At the time there was a very popular ad campaign for a beer called Olympia Beer. It was marketed as “..the clear water brew”


After a few years of touring as The Golliwogs without much success and John Fogerty finally being discharged from military duties, the word ‘revival’ was supposed to represent the bands new found commitment to each other.


John Fogerty was quoted as saying that the band wanted, “A weirder name than Buffalo Springfield or Jefferson Airplane”.

Mission accomplished, boys!

Image via Paul Townsend